Dao 2.0 hopr

Hello, My proposal to know what the rates obtained should be used for is the following:

20% for those who first buy Hopr in the LBP of Balancer since they were the first to support the project at its beginning.

40% for holders who own hopr token both in sake and outside of the date before the announcement of this DAO.

40% spend them on buying avado gadgets and raffle them. Announce a raffle so that any Hopr token holder can register and thus be able to support the project. Thank you


Great proposition.
Incetivate long holders is great idea

A bad offer. the first early participants have already been awarded the allocation of tokens at the lowest price from the Hopr association, which brought them a lot of earnings. Then strong holders were issued NFT giving + 10% APY. And the team also subsidized the purchase of AVADO by sending a large number of coins to buyers. All this has already been done by the team. You propose to do the same thing again just by increasing the reward in fact.

The first thing buyers in the LBP are those who buy the hopr token at a higher price. I mean, they probably had a certain disadvantage and should be rewarded for participating. thus animate the first headlines. I don’t mean Hopr pre-sale
I believe that distributing avados in some way would help the project to expand the network to new holders of the token.

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What is this proposal addressing the allocation of? HOPR or DAI or both?

It is for the Hopr token, it can also be applied to Dai.

excellent proposal!!!