Distribute and publicize NFTs to existing hodlers

-Issue a bonus NFT exclusively for distribution to the address that currently holds the “HODLer” token. Make it available as a bonus NFT by passing it to users who have not been issued.
・ There may be many types of distributed NFT chains (polygon and other chains with low gas costs have a wide frontage).
・ Because there is a risk of spoofing, it is necessary to take measures such as putting on a cap to apply the bonus.
・ It would be better if there was a mechanism that could easily swap NFTs and tokens.

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What is a HOLDer token please?

Thanks for the suggestion. This isn’t a valid DAO proposal, but I’ve moved it to a more appropriate category for continued discussion.

It is NFTs like this. :slight_smile:

Thank you for your decision and response. :)

Ah thank you.