DRAFT PROPOSAL 1: HOPR - xDAI pair on Sushiswap (Gnosis Chain)

I think there is no reason to do this if you make a similar pair on Uniswap

I think this could be a good idea if it allows an easier route to onboard people wanting exposure to HOPR via xDAI route. One question is it just a case of buying xDAI and then swapping for HOPR. Larger tokens have fiat and stable coin pairs which for the majority of incoming retail newbies is an easier route and aids onboarding in my honest opinion. Therefore should we be looking at adding stable / fiat pairs on more exchanges rather than via pools. Also what are the risks of Impermanent Loss between the two coins?

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Shared liquidity (between different protocols) its no beneficial IMO.

Thanks for bringing this proposal, $250,000 seems to be a bit high.

I like range in between $100,000 - $150,000

Additional rewards from Sushi exchange looks interesting!

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I support this proposal
I think that is a good idea :bulb:

I’d vote NO to this proposal

I think you make fair points but I am not so sure about Sushi as a leader in the Gnosis Chain though.
And how about the level of decentralization and openness of Sushiswsap as opposed to SWAPR? I’m a little skeptical about Sushiswap.
That’s what led me to refusing Sushiswap and focusing on SWPR.
Convince me!

I kinda agree for liquidity fragmentation. I think we should focus on 1 DEX per chain.
That being said, aggregator such as CowSwap may solve the problem altogether…
@SCBuergel is liquidity fragmentation a real risk?

I found your comment very interesting.
Your insight about Gnosis Discord & TVL/trading data are very interesting as it exactly counter argument this post: DRAFT PROPOSAL 1: HOPR - xDAI pair on Sushiswap (Gnosis Chain) - #5 by jbradach

SWPR definitely has the most healthy approach to DEX, and is the most in line with decentralization values.

I do not support. 250,000 is a lot for the Gnosis chain. I think suggestion #2 with a move of 100,000 looks better.

Good suggestion, I think it will help make Hopr more known to the community and those who want to get access to HOPR, through the xDAI route

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I like this idea also

Its a better way to make the name more known and interacted with.

(Of the token)