DRAFT PROPOSAL 3: HOPR - xDAI pair on Uniswap (Gnosis Chain)

Good idea

I think this is good

I vote for this option.

This suggestion is very good, but implementation will be difficult process because it depends on uniswap chain and gnosis chain. I see this proposal as not the time to complete construction

I like this idea because he fees on Gnosis chain are very cheap and appropriate. If possible, I suggest the pool amount can be increase to $750K.

I support this proposal too, but there’s two things that should warrant a delay.

  1. Uniswap V3 hasn‘t been deployed to GC yet
  2. To make sure that amount of liquidity is safe, it could be a good idea to wait for the upcoming merge.

it is good idea too

I support this too

In this offer, everything is fine, but instead of DAI, I would make USDT, if it is, of course, in the Gnosis Chain network.

It is good proposal. Uniswap is one of most famous Dex that had a lot of user. If we had the HOPR-xDAI pair on it. I love to use everyday with low cost of fee.

If Uniswap doesn’t yet support the Gnosis chain then how can this be achieved? The idea is a very good one but the system needs to be in place and proved so we don’t get embroiled in a LUNA type event.

The low transaction fees in the xdai network are a big advantage, but it seems to me that the xdai network is not a widely used network.

Great proposal!
Uniswap definitely deserve big liquidity on Gnosis chain implementation.
If we would talk about numbers - probably range between $500,000 - $750,000 would be perfect start.

The gnosis chain needs to be integrated into uniswap. for lower fees

Good idea, I support it.

Yes, absolutely it’s the best idea

I think this is a good idea, but so far the prospect of this vote is not clear, since uniswap has not yet launched on the Gnosis chain. If the HOPR team interacts with the Uniswap team, they may have more information on launch dates.

I like this idea

I saw a lot of reservations here due to the fact that Uniswap hasn’t been deployed on Gnosis Chain yet. That’s why I checked in with the Gnosis team and Stefan George just wrote the following:

There is already a deployment. Some pools are being created and the UI will be linked in the uniswap UI very soon. Probably in the next 2 weeks.

That means there’s no issues with deploying a HOPR pair on Uniswap on Gnosis Chain. It’ll likely take us 1-2 weeks anyway to prepare everything and to summon the DAO multisig.


This is the one i liked most.