HOP 10: San Francisco (37.8 N, -127.4 E)[SOLVED!]

San Francisco to New Orleans via Atlanta

sanfrancisco → New Orleans ->Houston

SF - Chicago - Winnipeng

LA - New York - Seattle

SF → Houston via New Orleans

Atlanta to Little Rock via Houston

San Francisco —— New Orleans ——Atlanta

Congratulations! It is indeed LA to New York via Seattle (or vice versa)

cooool. so what do i do now? haha

Give me some tokens, I have been here all day lol

Where does NY come from? If you don’t have a Ticket to Ride boardgame around?

Which skills need to have to answer this question?. So hard

From Albuquerque to Boston via Cleveland

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Los Angeles New York Seattle

When the twitter random winners are gonna be announced?

Congratulations! Сan you tell us how you found this answer?

yeah, he mentioned TOR. and then said the “O was now a T anyway”. and also mentioned that it was old-fashioned. so i googled “TTR”. and then i went to the Wikipedia, and the thing that made the most sense was the Ticket To Ride game. And then I looked up all the different scoring options in the game, and eventually found the answer.

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I got the Yamaha TTR as the first result and didn’t bother checking wikipedia :P