HOP 4: Hanoi (22.0 N, 105.8 E) [SOLVED!]

221 - its my answer, thx

my answer is 9 ))))))

17 I think :smile: :smile:

100 :slightly_smiling_face:

is there any right answer till now

255 I guess :star_struck: :blush: :blush: :blush:

my answer is 22 :) :)

My answer is 27 turns

512 my answer, I Think

128 I gue s s, n o ?

248 i guess…

Nope. I’ll flag threads as SOLVED as soon as I see a correct answer. Like the sudoku, I think we’re still at the blind guessing stage for now :)

or 256 i hope it will be the answer

my answer is 18, )) hey

correct right? @thewanderingeditor

Ah, poop… didn’t see the second rule. So, it is going to be more!

noo, i wrote code for it and got 384, let me recheck

18 moves is needed. I hope that is correct

511 moves would be needed.

220 is my answer. Hopefully…