how many seasons will be?


good for hopr?

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i think the quotes are sensible and good for hopr development


great initiative, this will definitely contribute to make hopr protocole secure

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Good question. I also wonder what happens with the vault after the staking season 6 ends.

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Ah, I see. It’s going to be a kind of experiment and can be expanded later.


I agree, it will help the project

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Primary Proposal: yes

Secondary Proposal: 1000000 hopr

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This is necessary because of the long-term future of hopr

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I think this is really beneficial to the long-term development of hopr, and safety issues should be put first.


A couple questions:

  • Why choose Hats Finance in particular when there are other bug bounty platforms with a longer track record and a more active community (immunefi, sherlock) ?
  • What is the point of putting a bug bounty on a contract that’s already deployed?

Until these questions are clarified I would vote no to the primary proposal.


Im also interested in answers to similar questions.
Hats Finance is not tested and we want to throw funds there?
Is this the only project you plan to use?

I dont like how the DAO runs. Little time is allocated for discussions, are we in a hurry somewhere? No activity in discussions from the HOPR team and Hats Finance. The previous one was much better.

I will also not enter the majority and will vote against it for the time being.
Perhaps the discussions will liven up and clear up, and i will change my voice.


I feel a kind of the same that there is too little time for proper discussion here and not much information from both HOPR association and Hats Finance… Though, I understand also that Bug Bounty will be essential for the soon-to-be-deployed critical smart contract for the HOPR protocol when it’s live, which preferably offers a decentralised way of managing the bounty, and we’d better to be prepare for that as RPCh is soon to go live (as long as I understand).

Now, I’m not familiar with decentralised bug bounty platform, I would love to know other possible options would be (if anybody knows please!).
I personally trust HOPR association in this regard, and their decision to try with Hats Finance.

So, my stand point is that I support the proposal unless anybody comes up with a better proposal for bug bounty management.


We need more time to discuss.

Some important things:

-I never saw a staking contract hacked, is an easy smart contract.
-Usually audit a staking contract with a TIER1 audit company is about 50-80K $

  • Perhaps the vault is fed excessively? need to use our resources in the most productive way , maybe 2M HOPR is too much money for lock only in this.


176 / 5.000

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Yes it should, but isn’t 1 million a bit excessive? And more at this time. I am to do things more progressively but maybe a thousand is not that much, although it seems so to me. :sweat_smile:

good luck

I think in general one week for a proposal of any kind would be nice, I feel like friday-monday is very short. monday-sunday evening should be fine for most people, even more so since this is not a time sensitive decision to make here