[HOPR] Proposal - Hopr in Crew3

Great idea! I have experience with Crew3

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Convenient platform! I think HOPR added recognition

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more engagement is better, agree

There is not enough information but supporting web3 adoption is the goal and making money is only an temp solution to raise fund for that same purpose.

Don’t let money be the only use-case to blockchain but blockchain adoption should be the main purpose here.

If I want stable Currency, then buy a house and that is rock solid.

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Hi All, has there been an update on this proposal as cant see it if there is?

Good idea. both Crew3 and Layer3 are good platforms that HOPR can participate in to attract new users.

Not a fan:
1/ doesn’t seem to be open-source
2/ not self-hosted
3/ not convinced we need gamification and fancy tools for discussing liquidity management
4/ discourse already ticks the right boxes and it has worked well for us


That’s really could be great

Very good idea, a lot of people using Crew3 atm!

I’ll look into this, but it’s not really in the scope of the current experiment: HOPR DAO v0.5 has now begun!

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I agree engaging in different platform such as Crew3. I hope it provides exposer to Hopr.

I agree to this…

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I agree, for sure Hopr needs more exposure even if I think the importance of Hopr protocol will emerge in the long run.