Idea for token distribution: "proof of work"

As a follow up on the HOPR Genesis DAO today:
What if tokens are distributed using a proof of work mechanism?
Similar to the work that people have done in the testnet.
Late arriving participants can still get tokens by doing tasks.
Tasks could be: communicating about hopr, creating sample code, creating documentation, providing new ideas, introductions to other communities etc. (in general they should be helpful for hopr)
The community could define the tasks and also judge the tasks.
This might be sybil resistant enough, if you could verify that people are doing original things.
And if someone puts in a lot of work its not so bad to get more tokens.
It could also be done anonymous.

(I personally love this idea, but am not voting or proposing, but just wanted to say a link to PoW/PoRelay is where my heart is, also)

Personally, I started talking about HOPR in late 2020 when I learned about the testnet. This is my first experience of launching test nodes and, moreover, a successful one, since the instructions were clear for beginners, for which a special thank you.
Here is my topic on the cryptocurrency forum about HOPRконфиденциальность-и-защита-данных-на-blockchain/