Minimizing Decision Making for Trustee

Following up from the post here by @marat586: Community Trust FAQs - #32 by marat586

And the position that the proposals in the future management system should be completely unambiguous so that implementation can be achieved without any further decision-making at all seems to me impossible. Or I didn’t understand something.

So part of the setup requires that the trustee not make active decisions, only following the instructions of the token holders output via the governance platform.

The question is how to achieve this in a practical way.

For on-chain proposals, this seems quite feasible. Proposals would contain code which the trustee can implement via a service provided on the governance platform (e.g., a Snap Safe instance which integrates snapshot results with Safe)

Off-chain proposals are obviously harder. Here I’m not imagining that literally every step would be written down (e.g., turn on computer, open gmail, write the following email, etc. etc.). But proposals would need to be a lot more exhaustively written than they have been in previous governance experiments.

For example: “Invest 100,000 HOPR tokens in the best web3 companies” would obviously be too generalized.

But I don’t think it would be impossible to come up with templates for specific off-chain contractual arrangements which could then be implemented by the trustees without requiring significant extra input beyond administration.

But I appreciate this leaves a lot of grey area, and would welcome further discussion.

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