PancakeSwap 33.3% Uniswapv3 33.3% SushiSwap 33.3%

DAO members will have to come to some agreement which would benefit HOPR holders so it’s all about liquidity (trading volume of DEXs) rather than diversity (DEXs on a maximum number of different chains).
It totally makes sense to distribute the funds of the current DAI-HOPR pool among highest ranked DEXs by volume and number of active users. According to Coingecko the top 5 DEXs by volume are as follows:

  1. Mdex
  2. PancakeSwap
  3. Uniswap
  4. SushiSwap
  5. 1inch

There is an ongoing trading incentive now on Mdex so it’s current volume might not reflect real-case situation and that’s why I believe that one should be excluded from consideration. As for 1inch, it’s rather DEX aggregator so it can be excluded too. In other words, the funds should be distributed evenly among remaining three - PancakeSwap, Uniswap and SushiSwap.


I like that idea.

This was an lready proposed by @nicobao and your % do not add to 100%

His proposal is a bit different - PancakeSwap 33% HoneySwap 33% Uniswap 34%.
I proposed SushiSwap instead because I believe there is a little to no liquidity on HoneySwap.
As for my proposed percentage, you can read it as 1/3 to each DEX.

except uniswap and 1 inch all others exchages is good to buy

Not sure if I got yr point. Why except Uniswap? IMO it’s currently the largest DEX.

Hi @evstigneeff

If you’d like this to be added to the proposal list, there are a couple of requirements still missing.

i) You’ll need to mark this as a proposal by adding Proposal to the title, or tagging a post containing the full proposal using the SOLUTION function.

ii) You’ll need to specify the fee tier and price spread if you want to use Uni v3. See here for more details: Uni V3 Validity requirements

I like that idea


  1. Uniswap v.3 HOPR/DAI 33.4% unlimited price range, 0,3% fee tier
  2. Pancakeswap HOPR/BUSD 33.3%
  3. Sushiswap HOPR/DAI 33.3%