Private social network

Can we create a social network in which privacy is protected? it will be a revolution


Hi @Phamtruongminh - thank you for the proposal!

Could you please describe in more detail what kind of a social network should be built? Maybe you have looked into what Akasha or Aave want to build with their Lens Protocol and then come up with what specific transport-level privacy issues you want HOPR to solve here? Th

sorry, I’m a hopr supporter, but I’m not good at technology, so I just have an idea, haven’t thought of a specific way to do it, I just see that there are many social networking platforms like Facebook, tiktoc nowadays. …dominating many users but there are many scandals about security, identity disclosure, user tracking, I want the idea of ​​hopr to support the development of a private social networking platform where users Absolutely protected for privacy

I would love this to exist! Sadly HOPR is a protocol on a transport layer, so even though data would be protected taking it from A to B, it would need to be stored somewhere for it to be an actual social network.

I’m personally building an on-chain social media network (pstr[dot]app), and @SCBuergel already shared Lens Protocol which is also similar. The closest HOPR could engage here would be by making the calls against whichever blockchain holding any of these protocols private, which would be challenging as these on-chain transactions are still tied to the “creator” (ie wallet) that send the transaction.

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In addition to the previous statements: with SubSocial there is already a quite mature and widely used (at least in the dotsama space) solution existing.
Might be interesting for you :slight_smile:

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Good idea

Thanks for the suggestion. As the feedback suggests, this isn’t a valid proposal without a lot more implementation details. However, I think this is definitely something HOPR will be contributing to, at least partially, as time goes on.

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