PROPOSAL #12: Uniswap-40%, SushiSwap-30%, Bancor-30%

[This proposal comes from @sima2607. You can find the original here. To support this proposal, sign it using the like (heart) button below this post]

Ethereum has the largest (and most expensive) follower base, our task is to drag some of it to HOPR. Next, I suggested an option on how to do this.

40% HOPR-DAI: keep existing pair on Uniswap v2 for now. After completing HOPR Farm, move all Uniswap liquidity to Uniswap v3, using the HOPR Association’s recommended price and fee specifications.

30% HOPR-DAI: Provide liquidity on SushiSwap as SushiSwap is the second largest DEX by volume. Also, the exchange aggregator (DEX) - 1inch, will allow users to find the most efficient exchange routes and the best swap price. In our case, 1inch will serve as a “marketing function”.

30% BNT-HOPR: Why Bancor? Firstly, it is an old, time-tested exchanger. Second, by providing liquidity to the BNT-HOPR pair, it is possible to create a self-managed pool for tokens on the platform. Thus, we find a use for the HOPR token.


This proposal did not reach the 3% support threshold to advance to the referendum stage, so it has been removed from the official list. It will remain on the forum for archive purposes and to allow proper calculation of DAO incentives.