Proposal: 40% Uni / 30% Pancake / 10% Honey / 5% Polygon / 15% strategic liq

This proposal is based on analyzing previous community proposals and my vision.

I suggest to distribute 85% HOPR liquidity among next Decentralized Exchanges:

40% - HOPR/DAI - Uniswap v3 (moving liquidity after farming ends) supported by @everyone
30% - HOPR/BNB - Pancake swap supported by @t0b @iicc @monadnoc @MeowMeow23
10% - HOPR/xDAI- Honeyswap supported by @monadnoc @t0b @Aleks
5% - HOPR/DAI - Polygon (leading Matic DEX) supported by @Dalt @Reveleum


15% - strategic liquidity to be added later on with community voting, could be Near/Dfinity/Mina procol DEX’es. This allocation could be meanwile used in:
+5% uni
+5% honey
+5% pancake


“Proposals can distribute liquidity across up to a maximum of five exchanges.”

Sushiswap is probably not necessary, the same network as Uni.


Agreed. Thank you for pointing it out.

The reason I added Sushi to my proposal was risk mitigation.

But sushi was my least convinced pick and maybe isn’t the smartest choice for risk mitigation as it is a fork of Uni.

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I’m a big fan of strategic liquidity.
There are that many new projects popping up every day we would be missing out on some great opportunities if we did not invest in solid new comers.

I think everyone can agree that UNI and xDai are definitely on the board. The two would require the most % as it makes sense. Other exchanges are more for what will be the best exposure for HOPR.

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Hi @lastfor! Thanks for the proposal. I’ve marked this as incomplete for now.

First, I need to check how/if we would handle proposals that contain contingent instructions or which stipulated a further vote. This may be in scope; I just need to talk to the team.

Second, you say “I suggest to distribute 90% HOPR liquidity” but the figures below don’t support that. I guess this is mixup between versions?

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Yes. It is 85% instead of 90%. Edited.
Thank you.

Why not send a percentage of “strategic liquidity” immediately to one of the offered pools, and when needed, you can get it and use it as you suggest?

It is said in the post
“This allocation could be meanwile used in:
+5% uni
+5% honey
+5% pancake”

This is a very bad option!
This is to run after 3 hares and not catch a single one!
Guys, think! Don’t share liquidity!

I think the strategic liquidity approach for future dex’s is great, I haven’t seen anyone else mention Mina but it’s gonna be huge

Definately would be awesome to see HOPR on Mina’s DEX :slight_smile:

We need it at least on Polygon. If, Solana is also considered, it will be great for the token adoption by various users.

Sorry for taking so long to get back to you on this. We’re still looking into the logistics of migrating to Solana. Tuesday Update: New Bridging and Multi-Sig Validity Requirements

The temporary distribution of the 15% “reserved” for strategic liquidity is fine, but I think we’ll need some more specification on the voting part. At the very least, I think we’d need to know what would trigger the vote. (It could be as simple as “six months have passed” but I see that other conditions could make sense)

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Hi again, in addition to the issue I raised above, unfortunately we can’t support Solana yet. More explanation here: Thursday Morning Update: Solana, Avalanche, Polygon validity news

The other four chains are fine though.

Proposal edited. Thank you.

my proposal cannot be in valid section?