Proposal: %50 Hopr/Eth(Uni) %25 Hopr/Xdai(Honey) %25 Hopr/Avalanche(Pangolin)

My proposal is that some of the Hoprs in the Xdai network will be moved over the bridge to the avalanche network and traded on the Pangolin. I think a lot of people like me continue to keep their Hopr on Xdai. I find dex on Eth inefficient and very expensive due to high transaction fees. Pangolin on Avalanche also has a significant amount of liquidity. Both the avalanche community loves Hopr and will surely be interested.

50% HOPR/ETH on Uniswap
25% HOPR/xDAI on Honeyswap
25% HOPR/AVAX on Pangolin


Absolutely I agree. You will even consider leaving Uniswap completely after seeing the attention on the Pangolin.

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A very good suggestion, if it happens, users will be very happy.

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Absolutely I agree. Pangolin is better than Uniswap.

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How much cost token transfer (bridge) from ETH to Avalanche?

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the proposal is about to transfer HOPRs to avalanche via a bridge between HOPR mainnet/xDAI and avalanche. this will be more economic for sure and will bring the advantages of the decentralized evm capability of avalanche to HOPR.

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Hi. Thanks for the proposal. I’ve marked it as incomplete for now, because proposals involving Uniswap have some additional requirements (Uni v2 vs v3, fee tier, price range). These need to be specified, even if you plan to use the default settings. More info here: Uni V3 Validity requirements

We’ll look into Pangolin on Avalanche and see if there are any other requirements there. Thanks.

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The only requirement for this is the xDai / Avalanche bridge. I am sure you can easily install it as well.

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Eth varies according to gas prices, avalanche eth bridge is available. Under avalanche the fees and variety of dex are very reasonable Under avalanche fees and variety of dex are very reasonable. 0.005 avax current gas fee will be more reasonable with the apricot update. Update is about to complete

That mean I need to pay at least $100-$150 for transfer my ERC20 HOPR tokens to avalanche network? Am I correct?

I think, If Pangolin will have $Hopr more than now, I could buy $Hopr more than now.

Being active in the Avalanche network would be an excellent opportunity. It is also compatible with DAO standards.

Anyway,I don’t care about the percentage of which DEX should have,but I do think HOPR need more DEXs.And I view DAO and DEX as the best two things on blockchain.

Hi. Thanks for your patience here. We’re still looking into the feasibility of Avalanche, but haven’t yet heard back from their head of partnerships with answers to our questions. Unfortunately we have fewer contacts at Avalanche than most of the other projects under discussion.

Our own research suggests that it’s likely it would be fine, but we really need some confirmation from their side before we can commit to moving so much liquidity on behalf of the DAO.

More info here: Thursday Morning Update: Solana, Avalanche, Polygon validity news

Hello, I have good relations with the avalanche team. I will arrange the necessary meeting.

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That would be great! Can you contact @SCBuergel on Telegram first? I haven’t heard the status of this for a few hours, so I don’t know precisely what we need to know here.

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I spoke to our marketing manager @bit_gossip “telegram”. I passed the information to him. We look forward to the result.

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Hi @tolon. Did you hear back? If not, and because it does seem likely Avalanche will work, but we can’t 100% confirm it, we’re suggesting that people who want to make a proposal involving Avalanche specify what they’d like to do with that liquidity if it turns out Avalanche can’t be used securely.

More information here: Thursday Late-Night Update: Avalanche, Polkadot and Uni v3


I notified the avalanche team and contacted for the meeting. I think the meeting has not taken place yet due to the workload. However, my meeting was positive and exciting. I think the meeting will be held tomorrow. Many avalanche community members want to use Hopr in their avalanches dex like me

If there is a Hopr trade on Avalanche dex, the hopr community will have direct access to many avalanche projects. Avalanche has the fastest growing ecosystem. It will soon be connected to Avalanche C-Chain exchanges and currently is also available. Thus, projects related to avalanches will be traded on all stock exchanges where avalanche transactions are carried out. Avalanche has a constantly growing and very active community, Hopr will be better known and loved by the avalanche community.

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