PROPOSAL #9: Strategic 2-Phase Lead Market Sampling for 3-DEX DAO Fund Release | Honeyswap, Pancakeswap, Uniswap

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Use an initial release, migrating 100% from Uniswap v2 into: 60% Uniswap v3 Hopr-Eth (fee tier 0.3% across the entire trading price spectrum), 20% Pancakeswap Hopr-BSC, and 20% Honeyswap Hopr-xDai. After which a 6-week intermission will occur as a market sampling to determine where 40% of the initial 100%'s 60% in Uniswap v3 should go to get the most benefit from the 3 markets.

Phase 1 100% release will take place two weeks before mainnet rewards staking is enacted.
A six week intermission sampling period will follow to gauge where the funding is most needed.
Phase 2 A portion of Uni v3’s funds will be redistributed as calculated, taking place one month following mainnet rewards staking implementation.


  1. Factor basis fund movement as five parts of 20% to make figuring out the remaining 40% later down the line easier.
  2. Uniswap v2 hopr-dai 100% moves to
    → 60% Uni v3 hopr-eth
    → 20% Pan hopr-bnb
    → 20% Hon hopr-xdai
  3. 6 week eval period, observation and calculation on final week.
  4. Execute final funds movement.
    → = or -X% from 60% Uni v3 hopr-eth
    → +X% to Pan hopr-bnb
    → +X% to Hon hopr-xdai

Initial DEX market selection is based on trade volume research located at Top DEX exchanges by Trading Volume - CoinGecko and popular demand within the forum to allocate the initial volume as such:
20% Honeyswap paired to xDAI | for node users
20% Pancakeswap paired to BNB | for market impact
60% Uniswap v3 paired to Eth | for bag holders
Polkaswap is not listed on CoinGecko’s top DEX list with >$1M trade volume and is therefor not on the table as an option; though in the future it should be used paired to DOT for hopr organization growth partnerships to assist development and team growth - scroll to bottom of link for hopr team positions needing to be filled

Determination of remaining 40%:
Honey, Cake and Uni will be reviewed for the largest demand of hopr tokens via trade volume weight, whereby hopr is the outflow indicator. Subsequently, outflow calculated will proportionally indicate how the remaining 40% will be divvied. In the event that the free market has enacted a three-way split, Uni will take a seniority 0.1 lead.
The reason for following hopr as the outflow indicator is to mitigate the impact of tokens being washed traded for false trade volume… in homage to holders, hodlers, & node runners vying to compete for a larger stake of the decentralized traffic.

Target goal:
Allow the open market to decided where the tokens are most needed instead of arbitrarily locking them to an exchange where their benefit to the hopr project is least maximised.


This proposal did not reach the 3% support threshold to advance to the referendum stage, so it has been removed from the official list. It will remain on the forum for archive purposes and to allow proper calculation of DAO incentives.