Proposal: Fund All Nodes Upon Main Net Launch For 1 Year

I’m late to the race but here’s the idea plain and simple:

Proposal: Fund all nodes during the first year of main net launch.

How: Allocate 80,000 DAI and 240,000 HOPR tokens divided by twelve months then divided again by active nodes on the first of each month to issue an allowance to all node runners.

Why: This will dually be an act of goodwill for project supporters and be a marketing campaign to attract new users with a target goal of attracting developers to build HOPR layered projects.

Conditions: If feasible by HOPR team, funds will only be deposited to HOPR node balances and not to host chain wallet addresses.


Thank you for your consideration. Use the heart button if you feel this should advance as a productive use of slightly half the DAI/HOPR assets up for allocation. :beers:

Hi @SpeedTickets.4Nodes

Thanks for the proposal. I’m afraid I don’t think it’s valid though, because I don’t think the concept is precisely defined enough. As written, I don’t see a way that this could be implemented without breaking HOPR privacy.

This feels like an addition to cover traffic staking with slightly different distribution priorities, which is fine, except that cover traffic works because it happens via HOPR. A distribution with DAI would be public.

I will make sure that the tech team sees this proposal though.