Proposal: Transfer of funds to the Hopr team

Hello. I would like to offer to transfer the entire amount to the HOPR Association for hiring additional staff. I think we are all interested here in the early launch of the main network functions, their thorough testing and error checking. This will also allow them not to spend the hopr token fund, which will positively affect the price of the token itself. The bigger and more professional the team, the faster the development of the project and its implementation. I think it will be right.
If you support this proposal, please follow the LINK and like it :+1:. Thank you everybody :handshake:!


good idea but we don’t know if at this stage the team really needs more development/capacity. because some times more people does not mean the job gets delivered faster. we would need to know first if the team is actually struggling in anything that could be accelerated if they had more headcount

It’s a good idea to reward the team for their efforts

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I think it’s a good offer. The team doesn’t have to worry about money and scaling. They should be fully engaged in development and promotion. This will help them for a while, I think, to get rid of the extra headache.

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Thanks for thinking about us @Tenbka :) While HOPR Association is doing OK right now, we certainly would be able to increase productivity if we were able to hire some more core team members. This is just to answer the concerns of @nquelhas. At the same time, we’d need to check legal implications of this - but that goes for all DAI proposals and should not limite any decisions here at this stage.


We appreciate you very much. You are making a very cool product. I hope you complete it soon and it will be great. If these funds will help you complete it faster and better, then the community, i believe, is obliged to support this proposal. Sometimes you have to give to get more later. We can give you now to get a great product in the future. :handshake:

Thanks for the proposal @Tenbka. I’ve marked it as incomplete for now, because I have a clarification question.

When you say “the developers” is it correct to assume you mean the HOPR Association, rather than a particular team within the Association?

Otherwise, I think the four criteria outlined in this post are satisfied, although feel free to add more clarifying information if you have it.

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Yes that’s right. Of course I’m talking about the Hopr association. I think that they will be able to correctly distribute these funds for the needs of the project.

Thanks for the clarification. I’ve now tagged this proposal as valid. You can see the proposal in the official list here:

I changed the title slightly to help distinguish it from other funds aimed to help the Association in different ways.

If anyone would like to support this proposal, please visit that link and sign it by clicking the heart (like) button.