Proposal: We do not need more than one DEX! Move all liquidity to Uniswap v3

There is very low liquidity on honeyswap.
I don’t see any problems even as an experiment to transfer part of the liquidity to Bsc20(pancekswap, binance dex). It may be that liquidity will increase significantly. Increase token recognition.
Look at Busd, it is being used more and more. The market share of Usdt (tether) is falling. Hopr’s presence in more markets will provide more opportunities, including for price.

We can transfer DAO tokens to BSC. And then? How many tokens holder transfer their tokens to BSC with this bridge commission? For what? 10? 20? Without token holders support it will be “zombi” pool for whales manipulations.

And I still waiting for good example of other small ERC-20 token with oficial multichain support for trading. I think there are none. Because it is not real solution.

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Thanks. That’s clearer, but you still need to specify how the liquidity would be added to Uni v3. You need to set a fee tier, and a price range (or this can be left unlimited). More information can be found here: Uni V3 Validity requirements

I added to main message:

(fee tier: 0.30%, price range: unlimited).

Is it ok?

I kind of agree that we do not need a lot of new DEXes. But on the other hand, why do we need such huge liquidity on the Uniswap v3 if it is way more efficient than the v2? I think we can use it more wisely than just freeze it in the pool.

Thanks! This is now a valid proposal. I’ve added it to the official list here: PROPOSAL #3: We do not need more than one DEX! Move all liquidity to Uniswap v3

Anyone who’d like to support this proposal, please sign it by using the like (heart) function under the top post in that linked thread.

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Suggesting to buy on for cheap fee is kinda strange, no? Team is probably working on providing HOPR to big exchange, but…… ?
Also, this vote is about DEX! There are lots of activities on side DEX as well, for small investors! Buying $100 of HOPR on Uniswap is suicidal! It seems, according to Sebastian, 20%+ of current liquidity on Uni v3 could be enough for whales to play without ruining the token value.
That being said, maybe long term it’s better to stay on Uni v3 and Honey only, I agree…

There is an omnibridge BSC-xDAI for them to run the node on xDAI!

It’s a simple example. You can use another’s SPOT exchanges. And, yes, I agree - we need more SPOT exchanges from TIER 2 or TIER 1.

And? Any transfer at this bridge costs ~$150-$200.

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We do. But we also need a cheap DEX. Some users want to make small transactions, but on DEX. And we need another solution for cheap small transactions now, not hypothetically someday when team will have managed a deal with a CEX. Besides solution is not even official, so potentially risky. There is NO official CEX solution as of now.

Look at latest CZ tweet, they are working in integrating Binance with DEX, and thus PancakeSwap. In the near future, being on PCS will mean being available to Binance.

If we want to be decentralized, we need many small retailers running nodes, so we need to be on a DEX with cheap fees.

No, it costs two transactions. One on BSC and one on xDAI. Both are very low, below $1. You don’t need to make any transaction on ETH Mainnet.
Check Omnibridge documentation.
You can even transfer your BNB automatically to xDAI…

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“Keeping eggs in one basket” is dangerous. I do not agree.

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You speak for everyone now.
I am sure there will be people who would like to transfer the bsc20 5000 Hopr to the Pancakeswap presumptive liquidity pool, where the fees will be cheaper if the exact funds are locked in the pool. And wouldn’t it be cheaper from Uniswap, even taking into account the cost of the bridge?

Absolutely agree, you need to stay on Ethereum (uniswap). Think about when the HOPR Farm ends, most of the holders will run to sell their tokens, and if there is not enough liquidity, the price will drop to zero. Forget about xDai, who will use it, show me at least one person. If you want to trade go to

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In the current state of the market, multichain is the key to success!

  • Binance Smart Chain,

  • Ethereum,

  • xDai

  • Polkadot, Solana or Matic

shall be our choice!

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Guys, BSC blockchain is must have. All transactions are cheaper there. If we think two steps forward we should think about new ways to transfer tokens from ETH chain to BSC, for example when Binance will list Hopr we can do it through Binance without any big commissions.

You have - Honeyswap (xDai exchange) from genesis time. No one use it.

Some? How much? We have only ~6k total token holders. Honeyswap trading volume is too small.

Yes, it’s a problem. We need oficial CEX solution.

If you want to be decentralized, you can’t use BNB network :)

Ok, my error. BSC<->xDai - ok, it’s worked. But our token network is Ethereum. That’s a main problem. We need bridge transaction to xDai or to BSC.

But the DEX in another network, for me, is not working solution. We can create pool in 1inch (for example). But not in others blockchains.

We have totally 6k token holders. How much from them sends tokens to another networks? I think it will too small percent from total token holders. Remember, how many people did not understand how to transfer their test tokens from xDai network to ETH…

And you still ignored my question about another ERC20, who successfully implement your solution. Do You want to be a first?

Please show me another ERC20 token with small token holders count (~6k) with this multichain support. We are too small to do this split.

When Binance will list HOPR token it will be totally different situation. Now, unfortanlty, we have only one solution to transfer HOPR tokens to another network - the bridge. It is a very expensive solution.

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