Saturday Update

Hi everyone! Glad to see so many new people participating in the referendum stage.

This phase will run until Sunday 23rd at 2pm CET. At that point, the like function will be disabled throughout the entire forum for a week. Unfortunately this is the only way we currently have to preserve the signature status. We’ll be fixing this, and making a whole host of other process improvements, for the next vote.

As I write this, our data plugin shows there are 235 active participants in the DAO process. That means the 20% threshold for a proposal to reach the vote stage currently equates to 47 signatures.

To sign a proposal, visit the official proposal list and click the like (heart) button under any proposal you support. You need to like the proposals in the official list, NOT the original thread where they were made.

We’ll be sharing more information about the vote stage in a few days. There will be a 48hr delay to set up the Snapshot page, when we’ll also post a blog and some other information about how to vote.

The rewards will be calculated after the vote finishes. We’ll be using a plugin for the forum to calculate things, and maybe even to manage the payouts. To help this process, please add your ETH address to your profile. This will need to be an ETH address attached to a wallet which can interact with smart contracts (e.g., Metamask) as we’ll be using the same widget as the testnet payouts.