Still having problems in the Forum


I’m afraid that I have a problem (for quite some time, since the voting for DAO 0.1?) where I can no longer cast “likes”. I get a pop-up message saying that I have used the maximum for the day, but I haven’t done anything for about a few weeks at the least!

Thanks in advance for anyone who has a solution!

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Is there an overview somewhere about user levels etc? Feels a bit related to this question!

No idea, I’ve not been able to fix this. Keep getting a max amount of lines message each time which leads me to think that I don’t really be able to participate in the Dao!

I’m wondering if the meagre is wrong and it is referring to maximum global likes (25)instead of daily likes (0)? It is getting to the point where I’m just considering starting a new forum account to stop this error…

@bengy Hey please reach me out with screenshot regarding this issue. Remember that we don’t have any proposals yet, today we will start a discussion.

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Have you guys been able to solve the issue?

Thanks, I will DM.

Yes, but no idea why it how…