10 dapps that will change lives!

I’ve been with the HOPR project since the beginning, but I’ve never expressed my ideas in a DAO yet. I think the time is right and I’m full of great ideas where I think the HOPR project would be useful! So, here we go:

  • Social interactions online:
  1. Of course, the first thing that springs up is the creation of a private messenger HOPRsend for messaging, where users can be completely anonymous and send messages without fear of revealing their data. However, here you will need to organize certain rules and moderation settings to exclude spam. But with the right approach it will be the most encrypted and decentralized messenger!
  2. The next mandatory item is the private social network HOPRpeople. To avoid overloading the messenger from the first point with huge functionality, it is possible to create a separate social network on the principles of fairness and without censorship, which currently blocks people’s unwanted thoughts and ideas. Logging into the network would be available to owners of HOPR tokens. It is also possible to allocate different sections in the social network, with the publication of video (for this purpose it is necessary to enter into partnerships with cryptoprojects aimed at providing resources for the decentralized storage of video content), with a bulletin board for the sale/purchase of various digital and non-digital goods, with conference rooms similar to multivillages, etc.
  • Use of network resources:
  1. HOPRemail email service. It is necessary to create a decentralized and private mail service for the possibility of sending and receiving emails with payment for traffic with HOPR tokens. Absolutely all modern mail services do not give a guarantee of protection of forwarded e-mails. HOPR will help to correct this problem.
  2. HOPRbrowser private browser. To work on the Internet and web3, you need to create a certain decentralized private browser, which can then interact with dApps web3 and get a lot of distribution and development. The browser could also be monetized in a classic way with the ability to work with customized ads (like the brave browser), so that users and advertisers can mutually agree to customize the display of desired content rather than from the analysis of collected or stolen data about user interests.
  3. Of course, it is necessary to create HOPRvpn virtual private network service with different levels of privacy and network bandwidth, where users can choose the desired speed level and the desired amount of traffic. It is obligatory to make payment for traffic with HOPR tokens. This VPN will never and nowhere collect user data and no one will be able to access really secure and confidential traffic.
  4. It is necessary to create HOPR files to partner with projects that provide resources for storing encrypted files, and HOPR can organize private access of file owners to these files. So that a certain user cannot be identified to certain even encrypted files.
  5. A certain HOPRcrypto add-on application, with which you can connect and interact with popular cryptocurrencies (metamask, trustwallet, keplr, etc.) to hide your data from these wallets, when working with these wallets and services (DEX, bridges, etc.)
  • Internal tools for HOPR:
  1. A secure and private HOPRexplorer for the HOPR network, where users can fully privately connect, view transactions, packets and the state of the HOPR network.
  2. HOPRnodes tool for node runners who can connect to their nodes interface from anywhere in the world, configure and run the necessary functions, and can work privately with their nodes or wallet balances.
  • Global development (if we compare HOPR to the invention of electricity!):
  1. HOPRworld network for interaction of medical institutions, exchange of patient information around the world. Also similar networks can be implemented in finance, accounting, lawyers, notaries, land management registries, utilities organizations and other areas where data privacy is very necessary!

Perhaps the use of quantum computers in the future will allow to further increase the speed of the HOPR network (because the bandwidth is one of the vulnerable points of HOPR) and this will open limitless opportunities for the scaling and development of the HOPR network in the universe!

Thank you all so much! I’m very excited and impressed! IHOPR!

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Thank you for all these great ideas @MylifeisHOPR - I like your enthusiasm about changing data privacy in so many areas :)

I suggest you make separate proposals for each of your ideas. Also check out some of the other ideas on social networks as they go in a similar direction so we can discuss them together.

Thank you, Sebastian! I’ll do it!

Oh no, I started to separate my proposal into separate ones, but I could only create two topics, and the forum won’t let me post more topics. Is it possible to reduce these restrictions? Thank you!!!

We have some anti-spam stuff in place. Let me double check what the restrictions are and get back to you.

So you can only create three topics in the first 24hrs of joining the forum.

Once that timeframe has elapsed, you can create 20 topics a day.

I don’t want to dampen your incredible enthusiasm but I think that’s a good limit to keep in place :)

Thanks for the clarification! It is, of course, a bit strange in a decentralized and free HOPR to call for discussion and publication of proposals and at the same time to limit the participant in this. After all, I am simply dividing my topic into several proposals, as Sebastian asked me to do. Don’t you think so?
But my enthusiasm will not fade in the slightest! I have great respect for HOPR :slight_smile:

I agree. Unfortunately the forum has some weird hard-coded admin settings which it’s hard to circumvent. I think 24hr cool off for new users is too long (all the spam attacks we’ve had in the past took place over minutes, not days), but unfortunately there’s no option to shorten it, only turn it off entirely.

We’re looking at moving away from Discourse to a more flexible platform. The data plugins are useful, but the category system is quite confusing for people and hard to moderate.

Sorry, I made a typo. After the 24 hr joining period the topic limit increases to 20 topics per day.

Thank you so much!Don’t worry, mate, I’ll design the rest of the posts tomorrow. Thanks for your help. I really appreciate it!

Thank you for this nice breakdown!

Great ideas for the expansion of HOPR, but we really need to get the node issues sorted first and the nodes rolled out with cover traffic. Love the expansion of the HOPR eco system, very excited for the future.

A lot of good ideas, I think you can implement several on the basis of HOPR