100% on a Non-custodial crypto marketplace: Localcryptos

100% on a Non-custodial crypto marketplace: Localcryptos

I’m against. You cannot store all eggs in one basket =)

Tremendous upsides compared to the alternatives:
Anonymity>There is privacy and no need for KYCs. Something I believe Hopr stands for.
P2P>This provides for various ways of paying for crypto. Especially for those in markets with “restriction”. In summary, a larger market that is interested in Hopr will be reached.

I’m interested in this philosophically. I think HOPR is missing a market component in not running on a “privacy” centric pool or exchange. Why can’t people buy HOPR with XMR, ZEC, DASH, GRIN, etc.?

However localcryptos requires a lot of micromanaging asks and bids, right? You can’t just set a pool up there and expect it to trade itself, correct?

One option no one is taking about: Secretswap SCRT aligns with many of the privacy principals of HOPR.

Any thoughts for Secretswap? Or privacy-centric cross swap pairs on Thorchain or…?

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I am in total agreement that there is indeed a market that values total privacy and this is in line with hopr fundamentals plus its one of the core reasons people are attracted to crypto. Hopr may benefit from exploring such avenues.

Yes, lots of micromanaging involved in localcrypto but I believe it is a small price to pay compared to the benefits.

Have not yet had a go at Secretswap, but will surely look at it.

Everything in one place is very narrow for an emerging market. You should also look at the number of users in different ecosystems and I don’t think you should bet on one that is not the most popular.

Hi. Thanks for the privacy-focused proposal and discussion. I’m afraid I don’t think this will be in scope for this vote, but we certainly want to talk about how to support people who want secure and private access to crypto.

After all, there’s no point building a fully private ecosystem within crypto if you have to hand over all your personal details at the gate before you can get in!

But I don’t think localcryptos is something the DAO would be able to manage at this stage of its life? We’ve formalized these logistical requirements in the updated validity rules given here: Topic-specific Validity Rules - #6 by thewanderingeditor

More context here: Tuesday Update: New Bridging and Multi-Sig Validity Requirements - #2

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Hi. Thanks for the response. Hopefully in the near future it will be considered.