16th October DAO Update: 48hrs Left in Discussion

Hi everyone!

Thanks for the amazing input so far. There’s been a lot of productive discussion and some great proposals.

You can see the current list of valid proposals for spending the DAI here: DAI Proposals - HOPR Community Forum

To proceed to the referendum stage, proposals need to be signed by at least 3% of active forum participants. At the moment that means 5 signatures are needed.

To sign a proposal, click a proposal in the list here and then click the heart (like) button under the post. Liking the original proposal post will not count as a signature.

You can sign as many proposals as you like, and a signature indicates that you think the proposal is worth voting on, not that you necessarily would vote for it yourself.

The referendum phase will begin on Monday 18th October, at which point discussion will close and no new proposals will be created. It will run until noon on 19th October, and the vote will begin two hours later.

People with currently incomplete and invalid proposals should all have been given information on how to make their proposals valid. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me or @jayveq if you have any questions.

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