2 dapp HOPRpeople that will change lives!

I’ve been with the HOPR project since the beginning, but I’ve never expressed my ideas in a DAO yet. I think the time is right and I’m full of great ideas where I think the HOPR project would be useful! So, here we go:

The next mandatory item is the private social network HOPRpeople. To avoid overloading the messenger from the first point with huge functionality, it is possible to create a separate social network on the principles of fairness and without censorship, which currently blocks people’s unwanted thoughts and ideas. Logging into the network would be available to owners of HOPR tokens. It is also possible to allocate different sections in the social network, with the publication of video (for this purpose it is necessary to enter into partnerships with cryptoprojects aimed at providing resources for the decentralized storage of video content), with a bulletin board for the sale/purchase of various digital and non-digital goods, with conference rooms similar to multivillages, etc.

Thank you all so much! I’m very excited and impressed! IHOPR!

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Thanks for the proposal. I think it’s worth checking out the validity requirements listed here, particularly the parts on implementation and composability. That should help make a more focused proposal that explains the role of HOPR and transport-level privacy.

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Very ambitious but as @thewanderingeditor commented what steps would be taken to implement it.