About the DA0 v0.3 Proposals category

This category is the home of valid proposals for the HOPR DAO v0.3 experiment. During the referendum phase, sign proposals you support to move to the vote by clicking the like button.

Only likes on the posts in this category will count as signatures. To ensure a level playing field, likes from the original discussion posts are not counted.

You can support more than one proposal. A signature doesn’t mean it’s your favourite, or even that you would vote for it, just that you support it being put to a vote among all HOPR token holders.

To view all the proposals together click this link: DA0 v0.3 Proposals - HOPR Community Forum

To proceed to the voting phase, proposals need to accrue signatures from at least 10% of active DAO participants. This figure will increase as the referendum proceeds. Check on Telegram for the latest signature threshold. We’ll be updating this regularly.

The referendum phase runs from 2pm CET on March 16th to 12pm CET on March 17th.