Big chains and

Due to the fact that HOPR is currently a utility token used on the xDAI network, my recommendation would be the following:

30% with Uniswap v3 DAI/HOPR (largest trading volume)
20% to PancakeSwap DAI/HOPR (largest trading volume on BSC)
25% to HoneySwap DAI/HOPR (largest trading volume on xDAI, where it is used)
25% to split evenly with pairs for ETH/BSC/xDAI to ease crosschain moves. I’m not 100% sure of the logistics of this, but I believe you only need to supply the HOPR side here and let them know what chains you want to bridge to.

This gives maximum exposure while easing movement as needed, and allows “futureproofing” to some extent if decisions are made to move to new/upcoming chains.

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Hi @Sidework. I’ve tagged this as incomplete, for a few reasons.

First, I think we need more information about what “stays with Uniswap” means. Stays on v2? Migrates to v3? Something else?

Second, I need to check with the team about I’m not sure whether there’s any implementation issues that require further specification, and I’m not sure if the three pairs in addition to the three other exchanges takes us over the maximum implementation load of five exchanges (that rule will need to be clarified, sorry). I’ll try to find out the answers as soon as possible. Thanks!

Edited for more clarity. Thanks.

After doing more research into adding liquidity into multichain, I have decided to remove my proposal. They do not have enough support and too many reported transfer delays for me to recommend. Although I have used it without problems, Im not going to recommend it for this project. Please disregard this proposal.

Thanks! I’ll edit the topic title to reflect this.