Centralized distribution of tokens by groups

If we want long-term success for the project, we need to limit the opportunity for quick earnings by large players at the start as much as possible. They should become long-term holders and guarantors. I propose to divide the original proposal into several parts.
The first one will be for test network participants and will have no restrictions on sales, but everyone will have a limited allocation (example 5k $ ) at a minimum cost.
The second part should also not have a lock, but it should be very small in terms of allocation ( example 1k $ ), based on the mass attraction of followers and decentralization, the cost should be 2-4 times higher than for test participants.
The third part should have a freeze for 1 year with the issuance of 50% after the year and linear defrosting for another year. The price should be the same as the test group, but the allocation should be 5 times higher ( example 25k $ ). This will attract medium and large long-term investors who really believe in the success of the project.
And the fourth part of the tokens must be placed at the same base price as the testers. The allocation should not be restricted, but all coins will be blocked for 2 years with 100% unfreezing after. This will attract the largest fundamental investors.

I do not know any sites that could conduct this kind of sale without KYC, so I will name only those that I know ( Takensoft, Coinlist). I do not see the advantages of a decentralized placement due to the limitations of the gas cost per ETH network transaction and the ability of a large manipulator or a technically trained person with scripts to get hold of a large part of the tokens at the best price and thereby simply cash in on the placement. It is these people with a lot of money and opportunities who mostly vote for LBP because they want to contribute most of the funds to the sale and immediately multiply them.

Such a distribution principle, in my opinion, would be fair and would suit all groups of participants. The numbers are approximate, the distribution system itself is important. Discussing