Community Trust Proposals: START HERE

This subcategory is for discussion of proposals related to the creation of the HOPR Community Trust.

The primary proposal will be live from Thursday 10th August at 2pm CET. The secondary proposals will be posted on Monday 14th. This is because there are a LOT of parameters, each with their own proposal and vote, and we want people to get familiar with the general concept before we drill down into the details.

The HOPR Community Trust will be a discretionary trust established in the British Virgin Islands to manage the assets controlled by the HOPR Community, including the equity in HOPR RiSe created as a result of the seventh governance experiment.

The deed of this trust will state that the trust’s purpose is to follow the instruction of you, the HOPR token holders, as output by the HOPR governance system. It’s our goal this month to decide on the optimal set of processes for the trust to be bound by. There’s a lot to think about and discuss, so so make things easier we have created a template which we think makes sense.

This trust will have a single trustee: a purpose trust company also established in the British Virgin Islands. The directors of this trust will be legally obliged to implement the decisions of the HOPR token holders via the governance processes, provided those decisions are legal and possible.

Feel free to create new posts for discussion, but you cannot create new proposals. There are a lot of parameters to set and therefore a lot of proposals: please keep the conversation on topic for each thread.