Compound/SetProtocol to diversify income

Why don’t we (HOPR project) utilize projects like Compound or SetProtocol for profit-generating?

  1. Deposit 15-20% of the treasury. Thus income will be diversified from UNI/Pancake/other_swaps. Keep eggs in the different baskets.

  2. As marketing campaigns I would like to suggest 3 stages:
    Stage1: “Awareness” with the goal to promote the Problem with HOPR solves for the retail users
    Stage2: “Interests” with the goal to build activities with HOPR (like grats/hackathons/NFT-airdrops/etc
    Stage3: “Big fish” with the goal to create a partnership with the big player who aims to win the competitor race (Financial apps, VPNs, messengers, etc).


It seems to me that now is not the time to launch a large-scale marketing campaign.
We need to focus on a working product, launch Hopr staking.
And then promote the finished technology.

Thanks for opening this discussion. This kind of proposal is out of scope for now, so I’ve taken “proposal” out of your thread tile, but this is definitely something we’ll look into for upcoming DAO votes as several community members have proposed something similar. We’re planning to do a DAO vote roughly once a month, so there won’t be too long to wait :)

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I meant we should not focus only UNI. There are other possibilities to utilize treasury.

Those marketing Stages just an example of funds usage.