DAI-HOPR to the 1inch!

1inch is now one of the main dexs. Their routes aggregate all dexes and provide best prices for token. Everybody who trade big volumes prefer this dex cause of the best price offers.
0x limit orders works great at 1inch and give possibility to trade tokens with close to zero fees.
1inch liquidity pools are managed by DAO and offers bigger commisions for liquidity providers.

Also 1inch offer exclusive farming for projects which can give some luqiudity for “double rewards” farming (1inch+hopr). Double farming events have very solid apy (have to add liq into 1inch+hopr or eth+hopr pools) and it’s a kind of marketing move cause 1inch community is very big and farming events are very popular. In that case projects only give liquidity in their tokens and pair 1inch+token is made from 1inch multisig, so it will be cheaper and will give more liquidity for other dexes.
1inch is backed by binance labs too so it will be smart idea to work in one financial ecosystem with them.


So you are proposing to transfer all liquidity to 1inch?

at least a part of liquidity.