DAI proposal: Buy back HOPR token and give to the stakers

hello all,

This is first my prosposal. I offer buy back hopr with dai and give these HOPR tokens to all stakers who has more than 10000 HOPR in xdai chain. so nobody will sell. we will stake these HOPR tokens. :slight_smile:

Such a thing would only enrich holders, shouldn’t we also try to inspire new people for HOPR?

Also critical to see the sum on tokens that you propose: consider that the holders come from all over the world and for some 10000HOPR are really a lot, while for someone else it is little.

Thanks for the proposal, @mertcan! I’m afraid I’ve marked this one as invalid. Have a look at our template to make a valid proposal: UPDATED: PROPOSALS: Making proposals, validity rules and template

Add more specific information on why you would think this is a good idea for HOPR and how you would facilitate this.

@thewanderingeditor and I are around if you have any questions.

I think that an arbitrary cut off would cause friction between smaller and larger stakers. In general, I’ve also not been so fond of the proposals that are giving back to ourselves instead of trying to develop awareness or outreach.

This is a personal benefit not for the community

That’s a subtle suggestion.