Dai Proposal: Launch a rocket to the moon(#Binance)

1 Hire a good market maker.
2 Binance listing.
3 Buyback tokens.

Good and stable bullish trend is the best marketer !


This is everything we dreamed of!

Ha ha, easy!

Binance listing spending 160k USD?

I just dont think HOPR is ready for Binance yet? Before buying tokens people still want to know what the project is doing right now, and show them something exciting. Until HOPR has something demonstrable, I think a Binance listing will be a bang then fizzle, like so many others. Of course, I would love HOPR to be on Binance as soon as it has a really good in-house proof of concept with lovely looking UX, or partnership with another group who need what HOPR has, (OMNI??) or if it adopts the Helium model of hardware network building, then people will start getting crazy excited.

Binance wont list without trading volume.
so IMO
1 - good usecase for HOPR
2 - binance

I’m not sure Binance would benefit yet… need to accumulate moar.

Project needs to mature a bit more first…

Hi @MisterZhu. Thanks for the proposal. I’m afraid I’ve tagged it as invalid, because it doesn’t meet the criteria listed here: http://forum.hoprnet.org/t/updated-proposals-making-proposals-validity-rules-and-template

I think this one might be difficult to make valid. Binance listing is not really within our control. We’re in regular communication with Binance, and do have some information on how listing is achieved, but the process is quite opaque, and not simply a matter of money.