DAI PROPOSAL: Salary for the team and token burn

Buy tokens from the team and burn them.

Considering that the team needs money to work on the further development of HOPR, I suggest that DAO buys HOPR tokens from the team with the entire DAI.

The team can use the money freely (salary of employees, marketing or other useful expenses for the project).

DAO, on the other hand, should burn all the coins it buys, so there is less pressure on the price and fewer tokens in total. This should also make the holders happy.

I am aware that the money will not last long. But even if it is only a little, we should try to support the team and reduce the possible pressure on the price.

Edit: The price for which the tokens are bought should be decided by the team, because the team has a much better overview (about their plans with their holdings) than we as a community.


the question is, does the team want and can it sell tokens to the community at all? and at what price should this be done, at the market price or the price of private investors’ participation? the idea is clear, but the possibilities of implementation are not very.

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Good point! I intentionally left out the price, let the team decide the price. Of course, from the point of view of the community, a lower price would be better.

Why should the team decide the price?

We don’t know anything about the planning, what should happen with the team tokens, are any already planned for something? Therefore, full trust and control for the team in the price topic.

Thank you for the proposal @roman - we would consider legal questions at a later time and should not limit the discussions because of it. Yes, I think that won’t be easy as HOPR only ever sells tokens to buyers that are KYC and AML confirmed but let’s leave that aside for now.

HORP Association does hold HOPR in treasury right now and will receive further unlocks every 6 months for the continuous support of the project. You can find allocations of all categories on our HOPR token page.

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I think token burns are great if it helps entice people to run nodes or what not, however I’m not sure adjusting tokenomics to benefit price action is the correct approach. Focus should be on encouraging use of the network itself.

Maybe introducing a halving event similar to BTC or HNT would have a similar effect to your proposal since it would encourage more people to get invovled early on in the networks growth.

Our focus should be how to spread the word about HOPR and how to get more people running nodes. That is where the funds should go.

Thanks for the proposal @roman! I’ve tagged this as incomplete, mostly to clarify what you mean by “team”.

Do you mean the HOPR Association in general (of which the team are members, but there’s an internal hierarchy) or direct to the team as individuals, which would be less hierarchical. From the way you phrase the proposal, it’s not clear to me which you mean.