DAI proposal: the costs of HOPR - Time

We need time. I remember months ago Sebastian expressing himself here revealing that HOPR was able to bear the costs and salaries until the end of the year thanks to a newly signed agreement. The economic sustainability of HOPR is the first concern, so I propose: the 170,000 DAI allocated for fixed costs and salaries for the coming months.

The amount thus transferred can be used for any necessary economic coverage without resorting to private sales and / or for an expansion of the workforce that allows to shorten the achievement of the objectives, an end desired in a competitive market. In both cases, Hopr will become stronger and more competitive.


I think use that money for advertising activities, good projects that too few people know about

Are salaries a problem @SCBuergel ?

I thought this too but when you look at the token distribution for the next 4 years they have 185m HOPR. Would need I guess a more detailed explanation from the payroll team to inform of their free-cash balance.

Thank you for the offer. supported

Salaries are never “a problem” so to say.
Good people deserve competitive salaries to deliver outstanding work. We do believe that our compensation is fair, while for sure not exaggerating. So we wouldn’t say it’s an issue.

On the other hand, more money is always good to grow the team and pick up speed in the development process.

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That’s good to hear + 100% agreeing here obviously! :slight_smile:

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Hi @Judge. Thanks for the proposal. I think it’s almost valid, but I think we’d need some more information on the implementation.

Are you proposing that the money be transferred to the HOPR Association, to be ringfenced for fixed costs and salaries, or are you proposing that the DAO take over / contribute to payment of those costs?

The end result would be the same, but procedurally (not to mention legally) I think it would make a world of difference.

Thanks for pointing it out @thewanderingeditor . The proposal concerns the transfer of the amount to the HOPR association with the sole constraint of purpose in order to increase its sustainability in the medium-long term. No direct payment of costs by DAO at all.

Hey @Judge, thank you for your answer! So you’d propose a one time payment from the DAO to the association?
To make the proposal valid, you should edit your initial post and maybe add 1 to 2 sentences why you think this would benefit the HOPR ecosystem.

Thanks @jayveq for your reply; yes, one time payment from the DAO to the association. I’ll edit as you suggest the proposal.