Welcome to the DAI Proposals category. This is where you’ll find proposals that address the DAI portion of the current discussion topic, which is:

“How should the 168,763 DAI generated from the Balancer Liquidity Pool and the Uniswap v2 pool be used?”


To support a proposal, press the “Like” button under the top post of a proposal thread. Proposals need likes from at least 3% of active forum participants to reach the referendum stage.


Only moderators can create posts in this category. To make a proposal, create a post in the Discussion category with PROPOSAL in the title. A moderator will then assess its validity.

In general a proposal is valid if it:

  • Fully addresses the discussion topic
  • Is unambiguous in its implementation
  • Doesn’t contravene any laws or regulations
  • Is in accordance with the HOPR values and manifesto
  • Is not functionally equivalent to an existing proposal

Invalid proposals will be deleted. Incomplete proposals will be marked as such, with a short explanation of what is needed to make it complete (usually there will be missing information or an ambiguity).

Once a proposal is valid, a moderator will create a duplicate in the Proposal category, linking to the original thread.

The post creator will be deemed the author of the proposal. If you would like to assign joint authorship, you can, but other authors must be tagged in the proposal. This will be used to determine part of the incentive payouts when the experiment ends.

Once created, proposals cannot be edited. If you would like to delete a proposal you created, tag a moderator and it will be archived. An updated version can then be created if desired. In the case of multiple authors, at least 50% of the listed authors must agree to delete a proposal.