DAI tokens can be exchanged for HOPR and grant the right to early users and testers to redeem tokens

My suggestion is to arrange another token sale for early participants, testers and token holders in staking. This program would be as a reward for supporting the project. The prices can be set a little higher than the sale for node testers took place in the area of 0.10-0.15 cents per coin. The sale will be carried out, as it was last time - therefore, no new resources will have to be attracted.

Do not agree, do not be so greedy! Do not only think about your own wallet, such an action could apply pressure on the price. There are already enough rewards for participating in testnets.

And do not forget that you also have to think about how to inspire new people from HOPR.

I agree with you Roman! How does this serve the HOPR ecosystem?
Not at all.