[DAO proposal] Fund/initiate the development of a metadata privacy conserving HOPR desktop client (mobile APP to follow later)



Fund/initiate the development of a metadata privacy conserving HOPR desktop client (mobile APP to follow later)

+++ IDEA +++

  • Initiate the development of a metadata privacy conserving HOPR desktop client
  • The user experience should be ‘plug&play’, comparable to what people are familiar with from VPN clients
  • It should be easily usable for crypto- as well as non-crypto-oriented users
  • A mobile app should follow later
  • The basic concept is sketched below


  • During the cover traffic program, it might/should be considered to allow for free usage
  • Node runners are paid in any case and a free initial phase will help bootstrapping usage in general
  • Later on (after the cover traffic phase), a reasonable fee model has to be implemented
  • Fees should be payable in HOPR tokens for crypto users as well as in FIAT (if legally possible) for non-crypto users
  • Non-crypto users would have to pay a very small premium on the market price, which would accrue fees for the DAO


  • As outlined in the DAO v0.3 medium post, even non-tech people of the HOPR team have problems to understand the usecases of HOPR
  • Thus, sophisticated marketing campaigns (based on hands-on examples or else) are necessary to communicate the benefits of using HOPR to crypto- and above all to non-crypto-oriented people


Very good

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This is a very good proposal, but is it possible to support mobile at the same time? After all, mobile now accounts for a high proportion of traffic.

Support you


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I just suggested to do it in steps since the DEV capacity is obviously limited and the desktop client (win/mac/linux) feels like the obvious first step.
In theory however, this would obviously be the ideal case, I just don’t know if something like this is possible with the available resources.

Other than that, thank you very much for your feedback guys :-)

Are you suggesting this desktop app to act as a vpn? or frontend to run the HOPR node?

if not either what would be the use case?

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basically it will be a hopr powered vpn right?

nice work

I do like the proposal. It’s better to concentrate to one platform first, to reduce time to market. On mobile platforms always Apple and Goolge needs to be considered, what makes the development process longer.

Further it should be as easy as a fiat bank transaction to fund the wallet with HOPR tokens.

Lol I like all!
But I think Hour should made Mobile app first, if we are talking about privacy! u can easily change SIM card and so on, so if Hopr organize fully secured mobile Dapp with support of private messaging and crypto transactions(Hopr usable only) it will be wonderful! I see Hopr is this case

very nice

Very nice Idea

I support this idea.

Good advice, but may need to continue to refine

maybe yes

Looks like an obvious app to implement through hopr, but I’m a bit confused about how this would work. Would this completely replace a VPN solution or would it work together with a 3rd party VPN? Either way, great proposal.

Totally agree, it’s time to show the community how perfect Hopr’s security is

Cool idea @Jones_05 that a lot of people seem to like already :)

I’d suggest to think about some more specifics. One possibility for web browsing would be similar to Tor-browser but this would require dedicated exit nodes. The exit node would take the request for a website (through HOPR), request the website from the webserver and send back the page (also through HOPR) to the user. This would work for any website.

Another way to go about this would be to use something similar to Tor’s Onion Services (previously known as “hidden service”). This would protect also the webserver much better but it would require the webserver to actively host the website over a “HOPR hidden service”.