[DAO proposal] Fund/initiate the development of a metadata privacy conserving HOPR desktop client (mobile APP to follow later)

I support this idea.

Good advice, but may need to continue to refine

maybe yes

Looks like an obvious app to implement through hopr, but I’m a bit confused about how this would work. Would this completely replace a VPN solution or would it work together with a 3rd party VPN? Either way, great proposal.

Totally agree, it’s time to show the community how perfect Hopr’s security is

Cool idea @Jones_05 that a lot of people seem to like already :)

I’d suggest to think about some more specifics. One possibility for web browsing would be similar to Tor-browser but this would require dedicated exit nodes. The exit node would take the request for a website (through HOPR), request the website from the webserver and send back the page (also through HOPR) to the user. This would work for any website.

Another way to go about this would be to use something similar to Tor’s Onion Services (previously known as “hidden service”). This would protect also the webserver much better but it would require the webserver to actively host the website over a “HOPR hidden service”.


I like this also but not so detail. It look like Onion or Tor protocol instead of HOPR.

Hi guys,

thank you very much for all the feedback, comments and overwhelming support so far :slight_smile:
I will look up a few things etc and will give a detailed reply tomorrow!

Wow this is amazing, this will actully work alot.

interesting usecases of HOPR.Thank you

This is a great idea that make hopr more valuable and I think help for adoption as well.

Thank you @Jones_05 for bringing it here. This usecase definetly will have high demand.
But I only have doubts about fiat mode of payment, do we really need it? Could it complicate things?

very good

Nice work

I’ll go with the second option, a Tor model using the hopr “vpn” clients as exit nodes will make it lot more private and using random exit nodes. Here the handicap is the response times as the data has to go through all the nodes and come back.
I would call it HPN: Hopr Private Network.

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I like this idea.

professional presentation.

Solid idea. Great presentation and easy to read!

A great and detailed idea, I support it

Great post! Agree about the marketing, I think this is the biggest failure of the Elastos project, which has amazing technology, but no awareness outside the community despite having a working product for over a year already