[DAO proposal] Fund/initiate the development of a metadata privacy conserving HOPR desktop client (mobile APP to follow later)

Great post! Agree about the marketing, I think this is the biggest failure of the Elastos project, which has amazing technology, but no awareness outside the community despite having a working product for over a year already

Just a thought but how do we ensure we don’t get the authorities on our back given their concerns of criminal usage and the request for information being issued to HOPR in the future which could cause a major dip in the tokens price as people panic sell the news?

Wow guys, thank you very much for the overwhelming support once more! :slight_smile:

@MeowMeow23 I am not thinking about it as a frondend for running a HOPR node, but as an entry/access point to the benefits of the HOPR network for everybody’s daily online activity.

Furthermore, also @jibo16 and @cosmin :
If I am not mistaken, HOPR’s tech can act in this context as a combination of a decentralized VPN and a TOR service. A more detailed elaboration about both concepts and their differences can e.g. be found here:

@SCBuergel feel free to correct me if I am missing/mixing up points here!

@Monello → I totally agree with the time-to-market concern!

@SCBuergel → I thought about the client in the sense of being an intermediary for the everyday online experience (and thus any website!), so this would require the exit node scenario which you have described.
This however does not imply that the ‘HOPR hidden service’ isn’t also a desirable feature in the context of such a client, above all when the userbase of hopr starts to grow and to diversiy!

@Lastfor I agree that FIAT is always somehow problematic. However, I feel that it is absolutely necessary longterm to onboard non-crypto-people to crypto-based services. So, in other words, people will be using services based on crypto without even knowing they’re doing so.

@MonkeyTennis Yep, onpoint marketing will be absolutely essential!


wow amazing input, i’ll be voting for this.

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Thanks for this proposal! I’ve marked it as pending for now, which means I’ll be checking with the tech team to confirm that it’s feasible. I expect they’ll reply tomorrow.

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good idea

One required step as part of this proposal is the development of some of form exit nodes or SOCKS5 proxy support, which has also been proposed in HOPR network's SOCKS5 client

Maybe this is a common denominator to be built upon?



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Nice Support you

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Yeah, this is what @SCBuergel has also implied!
I am of course aware of the fact that my proposal covers rather a big topic, which might thus be considered a mid- to longterm development goal for HOPR since – as already pointed out – some necessary ‘ingredients’ of the client have to be developed first.


I think the team will find something of value in this proposal.

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cool idea!

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This is great! A good idea well explained and with an illustration at the end. What about a browser extension too?


Thanks a lot :slight_smile:
Actually, in the beginning I was also thinking about a browser plugin, but then I became aware that the benefits of such a technology are relevant for every kind of online activity, which is why I redirected to the ‘overall’ desktop client!



Your idea is impressive and would like to see the PoC. An VPN like service like using HOPR can be an widely adopable by others.

If the client being an plugin to any broswer will be a bonus, this way you become part of the ecosystem of the core technology.

Make it easy is the Apple moto. :)

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i love it

If you support the idea, please make sure to vote for the official proposal here:


Nice. I think it’s easier for new user/new investors to manage their accounts.

nice work