DAO Update 16th March: End of Discussion and Start of Referendum

Hi everyone. Thanks once again for your amazing contributions.

Phase 1 of this experiment ends at 12pm CET today. Phase 2, the referendum will begin at 2pm CET. So this is your very last chance to update your proposals and have them moderated.

If you have a proposal with the proposal-pending tag, don’t worry, the tech team will be evaluating all of them today. This process may extend slightly past the noon deadline, but everything will be ready for Phase 2 at 2pm.

Once Phase 2 begins, you’ll see a new category “Official Proposals”. All the proposals assessed as valid will be moved to here. To support a proposal, sign it by clicking the like button. Only likes under official proposals count as signatures. If you liked a proposal during the discussion phase, you’ll need to sign the new version for that support to register.

To proceed to the vote stage, a proposal needs signatures from at least 10% of active participants. We’ll be calculating and communicating that figure at regular intervals throughout the process.

The Referendum Phase begins at 2pm CET and ends at 12pm CET tomorrow, 17th March.