Discussion phase rules (read this first)

Welcome to the Discussion phase of the fifth HOPR DAO governance experiment! Over the next six days, the goal is to generate proposals to address the following topic:

Who should be responsible for managing the HOPR DAO’s liquidity on Uniswap, and under what conditions?

All valid proposals from Phase 1 will advance to the Referendum phase. All proposals signed by 20% of active participants during the Referendum phase will advance to the vote, or the top two proposals if fewer than two reach this threshold. All HOPR token holders will be eligible to vote, and vote power will be calculated quadratically.

The vote will produce a single winning proposal, which will be implemented. (The option to reject all proposals will be included as a choice in the final vote.)

Instructions For HOPR DAO Participants
Unlike previous governance experiments, we’ll be accepting proposals from external projects. ONLY proposals from approved external projects will be valid, but as discussion participants you are encouraged to ask questions, make improvements and suggest counter proposals to ensure that the best proposals make it to the next stages.

Posts and proposals from external projects will be clearly marked.

Instructions For Approved External Participants
First of all, welcome! This is the first time the HOPR DAO has actively brought external partners into our governance process. We look forward to having a constructive and informative discussion.

If you’ve already been approved to make a proposal, please submit it in this category: HOPR DAO v0.5 - HOPR Community Forum

If during the discussion you’d like to update a proposal, feel free to update the original post if the changes are minor (e.g., adjustment to figures). If you think it would be clearer, or the changes are substantial, please create a new proposal in a new thread and clearly mark the old one as deprecated.

It’s possible to make multiple proposals if they are meaningfully different. It’s also possible for multiple projects to propose a single shared proposal.

Instructions For New External Participants
If you’re a project which offers liquidity management but haven’t yet been approved by the HOPR Association to make a proposal, please create a new post clearly explaining who you are and briefly outlining your proposal. We’ll work as quickly as possible to get you approved.