Discussion Stage: 1st Substage (Selecting DEXs and Networks)

I am a supporter of a structured and hierarchical approach. And my opinion is similar to that of Harakatiru (Discussion about DAO phases. First choose DEX exchange and networks). So i decided to expand and make in life this approach.

We can make chaos, try to push through only our ideas and make it too detalized, maybe even try to say anything just for rewards… OR we can make it simple and convenient to find a solution briefly, logically and structured.

So here are the substages, proposed by Harakatiru (with little edits):

  1. Select networks and DEXs;
  2. Choose liquidity distribution percentage among the exchanges;
  3. Choose in what pairs the given liquidity will be distributed.

In this topic I’m trying to make in life the first substage.

For my opinion we can use a simple poll system here to define particular chains (DEXs) and their number without the need to create separate topics for each combination. Then we can use the winning number of chains to define which chains (DEXs) with a majority of votes will be used for the next substages.

I started to make simple and quick pros and cons analysis for each chan (DEX) to hold the entry threshold low and give the ability to participate in this substage consciously for everyone. You can find it in this Google Doc. Edit and add corresponding info (be objective, brief, structured and don’t repeat other statements).

What else:

  • Let’s narrow the list by including only most popular/higher-volumed DEX for each chain (it seems obvious due to cost-benefit issues);
  • I listed only chains (DEXs) met this criteria: Topic-specific Validity Rules
  • I listed most popular chains in the current Discussion topics
Choose total amount of chains (DEXs) for Uniswap DAI-HOPR pool distribution
  • 1 (only Uniswap)
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5

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Chose particular chain(s)/DEX(s) for Uniswap DAI-HOPR pool distribution (the amount of chains/DEXs should be equal to the one you voted in the first poll)
  • Uniswap v3 (Ethereum Mainnet)
  • Honeyswap (xDAI Network)
  • PancakeSwap v2 (Binance Smart Chain)
  • Raydium (Solana Network)
  • Pangolin (Avalanche Network)

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Voting for this substage will be open until 11:59 AM UTC on May 18. After that I will commit the results and publish them.

Be careful: in the second poll choose exactly the number of chains that you chose in the first poll.

If you want to add some chain/DEX in the poll (if it meets strong criteria) - just text your request here and add it in the Google Doc.

How will this polls allow us to choose a particular chains/DEXs?

  1. First poll will provide us with the number of the chains/DEXs.
  2. Second poll will give us the names of this chains/DEXs.


  1. The majority voted for 2 chains/DEXs.
  2. 2 DEXs with the most votes: Uniswap and PancakeSwap
    So this 2 DEXs will move to the next substage.


It is a great idea. But you need to add Matic (Quickswap) which seems to be quite popular.
In general, we should add all options already proposed by the community in the choices, and more.

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What will happen with contradictory/incomplete votes?


  • voting for two chains and leaving a vote on 3 chains.
  • voting on only one part of the poll.

edit: great idea btw

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First I wanted to add it, but then i found out it’s 24H trading volume on Coingecko ($171755) doesn’t meet the criterion: Topic-specific Validity Rules says “Funds can only be redistributed to decentralized exchanges which are listed on Coingecko with an average 24h trade volume of at least $1m as of May 5th.

I like your approach, but how do you plan on deciding the % allocated to each option? How do you decide if a particular DEX got enough votes from the community?

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  1. I’m planning to create new poll as a next substage to decide this.
  2. First poll will provide us with the number of the chains/DEXs, second poll will give us the names of this chains/DEXs (with the most votes according to the number of chosen chains/DEXs).
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It depends on the total weight of this votes: if they doesn’t chainge anything, there is no problem. Otherwise I will contact with voters to check the info and ask them to revote if needed (because they can mean chain(s)/DEX(s), that don’t list here). If they won’t do this, their votes won’t be included in the final count.

proposal: tostake erc20 is ok and reward bsc is ok

Competent approach! Thank you

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I like the method you chose. Very nice

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Thanks @octo44
Not many voted, but they are already setting the direction.

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Voting of the 2nd substage is here: Discussion Stage: 2nd Substage (Choose liquidity distribution percentage among the exchanges)

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Voting of the 3rd substage is here: Discussion Stage: 3rd Substage (Choose in what pairs the given liquidity will be for each pair.)

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Great approach. Perhaps this is the best solution so as not to create the same themes.

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Final proposal is here: PROPOSAL (confirmed by voting): Uniswap v3 - 50%, PancakeSwap v2 - 30%, Honeyswap - 20%