DRAFT PROPOSAL 2: HOPR - xDAI pair on Swapr (Gnosis Chain)

I also really like SWAPR, it’s one of my favorite exchanges. I know thats not an argument. Maybe it’s because the simplicity of the UI gives a feeling of trust.


Is there any knowledge/impression from the more literate about code quality, security, etc. of the different exchanges?

Same here. I made less 100dai swap on Swapr to keep a reasonable price impact. Not a good experience tbh.

Me too, I also got to know SWAPR because of HOPR and really like how it works (eco router and also their campaigns). It is good to know that SWAPR is the second highest TVL on GC after Sushiswap.

Considering the SWAPR’s proposal, it seems a reasonable idea to get further close partnership with them.


I am not at all an expert on this topic. But as HOPR is on Gnosis chain why not stay there and only make it possible for people to swap other tokens to DAI/HOPR so that this amount will grow in time. I really don’t like the Ethereum chain because of high fee (I know that it is low now but it will go up again; this my own opinion, no advice to buy or sell anything lol).

What I have written here

also applies to this post.

Furthermore: right now, there is already some liquidity on Gnosis - quite tiny, but sufficient for small amounts.
Adding 100K of liquidty as it is proposed here feels perfectly fine.

However, right now I don’t see much more benefit in this whole approach than to give the stakers the possibility to dump their claimed tokens directly on Gnosis with cheaper fees.

Maybe I am mistaken, but right now it doesn’t feel to me as if there would be a big community of gnosis native only waiting for such an implementation to go big in HOPR.

Furthermore, acquiring xDAI is still a pain for the average user.

To be honest, I thought the Swapr rewards have not been very attractive so far, especially compared to staking with a good amount of boosting in our own program. Once Uniswap deploys on Gnosis, they will take the largest share of the Dex market and this is also where HOPR should be with the DAOs liquidity.

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On-Ramping xDAI from bank account via Bridge Wallet is easy with low-fees. So I don’t see this last argument.

I wasn’t the biggest fan of the carrot rewards for LPing

Yes, the carrot rewards are unfortunately pretty confusing, and the projected APR figures are basically nonsense. I think they’re technically true, but they require so much else to go right (other participants staking exactly the right amount, market conditions staying perfectly stable) that in reality they’re quite misleading.

We fed this back to the SWAPR team and there’s active consideration about how to improve things. I don’t know if anyone listened to the recent HOPR Twitter Space, but the SWAPR team were very open and apologetic about the growing pains there.

And to be fair to SWAPR, APR projections at most DEXs are very dubious.


I am thinking of the average user using binance/kraken/kucoin as a starting point for their DeFi activities.


For sure. Carrot has a bunch of issues so I guess the question is does the swapr team plan to make this incentive of swapr tokens carrot dependent? Once again, appropriately this is the least amount of liquidity proposed but we should still make sure the percentages they proposed are not carrot dependent.

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I think the question for this is when will they deploy. It appears to me rather than a wait and see approach we can breakdown these liquidity proposals as a spread investment strategy. The proposals together represent a nice degree of different risk profiles and I think are appropriately divided by amount according to said risk. Uniswap on gnosis serves as a future investment that when it happens this amount puts it in the higher pie piece of liquidity provided which I think is appropriate for a less risky suggestion (such as swapr).

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Any proposal that discusses moving liquidity to Gnosis should bare more weight.

As HOPR seems to have settled in nicely on the gnosis chain it would make sense for there to be more liquidity.

The current relationship with SWPR is a fantastic way for both businesses to leverage each other and SWPR seems to have a bit they can offer.

As the previous incentives with SWPR were to attract investors that didn’t wish to “lock-up” their tokens, a new incentive should be made to attract a diverse spectrum of investors.


I fully support this proposal. Here’s why:

  • Investors favor Gnosis Chain for the lower tx costs. It would certainly be benefitial to port decent HOPR liquidity from Eth mainnet to Gnosis Chain.

  • Deeper token liquidity is necessary for improved UX, allowing for trades with lower price impact.

  • Swapr.eth.limo would be the ideal home for said HOPR liquidity. In the upcoming release, Swapr is integrating CowSwap.exchange into its eco-router, so traders won’t have to leave the Swapr UI and will safely swap without getting frontrun or experience sandwich attacks. Both CowSwap and 1inch tap into Swapr’s liqudity pools already!

  • HOPRnet and DXdao are closely aligned in their ideology and dev effort.

  • The Swapr frontend is truly decentralized. DXdao collectively and trustlessly owns the .eth domain, using on-chain governance to point it to the verified IPFS content hash of the dApp.

  • Swapr is also privacy-preserving and does not collect or track personal data or behavior with cookies to share with any third parties.

  • Swapr has an ambitious roadmap, and it’s actively developed by well-funded passionate devs from the community contributing full time.

Here’s a nice community-made infomercial: streamable com / 55i9uj


Well said. Same feeling same experience, this proposal is all I need. Add liquidity to the existing HOPR/xDAI pool instead of creating new LP on new Dex.


From all the choices of Gnosis Chain I like this one the most, since I used Swapr before and I liked it. Also I prefer supporting a “smaller” player.
But I think a bigger amount would be better. As it was said before, Genosis Chain is the staking ground for h0pR therefore a lot more swaps can be expected, if there will be liquidity on this layer.

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According to Swapr Sushiswapa, gnosis is used by more altcoins on the chain. They are trying to attract new projects to dex with awards. So I think swapr will contribute more to the speaker than sushiswap. They promise higher rewards. The management of the swap by dxdao provides support to add prestige and awareness. When I looked at the Swapr Twitter with a little research, I came across the posts about the gnosis chain. You can see this positively in terms of adding relevance to the gnosis chain. I think the awareness of Gnosis Chain is important for hopr. The Hopr community has adapted to the gnosis chain. It will benefit us if more people adapt to the gnosis chain as we are the biggest project in the gnosis chain. No matter how positive I look at this proposal, I can only appreciate the swapr’s hard work. It is known enough for now and it is not possible to say that it is a dex that is used too much. Since I think that Proposal 3 and Proposal 4 will contribute more to the speaker, I say no to this offer. Less liquidity should be added if it happens. Best Regards…

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i like this suggestion, hopr-dai liquidity pool on Gnosis chain should be implemented on all dex, however should increase Hopr-dai liquidity value

liquidity should be at least $200,000


good proposal too, I would like to see more liquid on Swapr.