Easter Egg Hunt #3

:rabbit: Welcome to the 1st Annual HOPR Easter Egg Hunt! :rabbit:

:woman_farmer: We’re celebrating the launch of the HOPR Farm with a weekend of contests and tech bounties. This is Day 3!

Today’s Event:

:gift: :gift: Merch Giveaway! :gift: :gift:

After the popularity of our Jungfrau merch, we thought we’d make some more. If you’re interested in receiving some HOPR swag, please fill out the form below (if you’ve already applied to receive Jungfrau merch, don’t fill this one in, you’ll be getting a separate link via email):


We’re still finalizing what merch we’ll be getting. This form is just to gauge interest so we know what amounts to order.

Please only fill out the form if you’re happy to share your personal information. We won’t use it for anything except shipping the gifts, but obviously we can’t vouch for what the shipping company does with it. We take privacy extremely seriously, but until something like HOPR is mainstream we have to rely on traditional methods which means trusting people like UPS with too much personal information.


If any questions, please ask ;)

I understand that I don’t need to submit anything more, right?

If you submitted already during the Jungfrau event, we will contact you to collect your information :)

Well thank you!