Easter Egg Hunt #4

Thanks. Was a lot of fun. Amazing work if you set it all up by yourself.

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What was decoding method?
Finding it was hard! Spent 3 hours yesterday on searching decode method.

But this puzzle was fun and challenging, especially I loved sudoku part.
Congrats @t0b! I was 1 step away :innocent:

I don’t want to just spoiler it. Maybe people are still searching. A small clue. From my understanding these are the 5 places it’s hidden in:

  • What better time to relax with some films and enough chocolate eggs that you can seem them from orbit?
  • So this time we’ve got something a bit more challenging.
  • Good luck! Unless you think you’ve bit more egg than you can chew…
  • Complete the following sudoku that’s filled brim to base with eggstra rules:
  • Finally, there are two diagonals marked with eggs on the outer rim. Both diagonals sum to the same unknown total.
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Good job HOPR!

Glad you enjoyed it. Yeah, it’s just me making these. Everyone else is busy doing actually useful stuff like coding :rofl:


Cool stuff nonetheless!

Is the solution going to be public? I have spent quite a bit of a time to try to figure it out, and would be very interested to see where did I go wrong.

There will be a solution. I’m just finishing writing it. @Matthew was a bit too keen in linking it there!

The full solution is available now: http://forum.hoprnet.org/t/easter-egg-nigma-solution/