Final Referendum Update: 3 hours to go

Good morning everyone, with just three hours left to go to sign proposals, here’s the final update on figures.

There are currently 258 active participants in this DAO subforum, meaning the threshold to reach the next phase is currently 53 signatures. This can, of course, still grow slightly, but at this point I expect any proposal with 60 or more signatures is definitely going through.

There are a number of proposals hovering around the cut-off, so now’s the last chance to make a pitch to persuade some other community members to pledge their support!

At 2pm CET, the referendum will close, and the like functionality with be frozen. Unfortunately this will happen across the entire forum. We’ll switch it back on as soon as we’ve finalized the results, and we’ll have a better solution in place for the next experiment.

The vote phase will begin on Tuesday at 2pm CET. You’ll need to have your HOPR tokens in the wallet you plan to vote from in advance of that. I’ll share the precise block number (and approximate time) when the voting snapshot will be taken as soon as I know the details.