First HOPR Bounty Contest! $7000 USD in prizes

¡Hola HOPR hunters!

We’re excited to announce the first HOPR bounty contest. I hope everyone’s ready to build!

There are two bounties in this contest, with three prizes between them totalling $7000 USD (paid in HOPR tokens).

From 2pm CEST you’ll find the new bounties on the bounty site, with the shiny new CONTEST tag.

The rest of this post addresses some likely questions, including more details of the prizes and what to do if you need assistance.

What’s the bounty?

For this contest, we’re asking you to build a dApp that runs on top of HOPR. There are two streams:

  • The freestyle bounty, where you can build any dApp you like
  • The guided bounty, where we’re asking you to showcase HOPR’s privacy utility by building a file sharing dApp

How long do I have?

The contest runs from 2pm CEST on Monday 20th June to 2pm CEST on Monday 4th July. There will then be a short judging period, with winners announced on Friday 8th July.

Can I enter both bounties?

As long as it’s not the same submission twice, then yes.

If you’ve got two different ideas and time to build both, then go for it!

Entries with a shared foundation are more of a judgment call. If the two entries are substantially different, then that’s fine. But we reserve the right to disqualify one entry if they’re too similar.

How do I submit my entry?

Because this is set up as a standard bounty in Gitcoin, not a contest, you’ll need to do a few things:

  • Submit an application to work on the bounty you’re interested in via Gitcoin. You can then immediately start.
  • When you’re finished, link to your work in the Github issue.

The winning entry for each bounty will be accepted via Gitcoin and then the bounty will be fully funded and paid out.

What’s the Judges’ Prize?

The Judges’ Prize is an extra prize of $1500 in HOPR tokens. We’ll be awarding it to the entry which impressed us the most but which didn’t win. This could go to an entry in either the freestyle or the guided bounty, and we reserve the right to not award this prize if no entries are eligible.

I need help, what should I do?

There are three main ways to get information:

  • Check our docs
  • Ask your fellow hunters here in the bounty forum (yes, it’s a contest, but HOPR hunters still help each other out!)
  • Put a question to the HOPR devs in the development section of the forum. The HOPR team will check regularly, but are very busy, so don’t expect an instant reply here.

You can also use the bounty channel on our Discord for non-technical questions, but please keep tech questions to the forum. We want to make sure all this knowledge gets stored for later.

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