Funding node with HOPR that is locked in a staking smart contract

I am not fully aware of the mechanics behind node funding so I apologize if this is off base. To my knowledge, for real-world mainnet, funding a node with HOPR tokens is how rewards are earned but these funds can be withdrawn at any time. I am sure alot of people are happy with this but could there be an additional opportunity here? Would it be possible to continue or replicate the current staking program and allow participants to choose how long they are willing to lock up their HOPR, with reward being a boost NFT? (Example, 6 months for bronze at 25% boost, 12 months for silver at 50% boost, 18 months for gold at 75% boost, and 24 months for diamond at 100% boost.) I first started thinking about this in terms of security of funds but realized this could be an opportunity to reward long-term participants. The question here, how do you lock up your HOPR via a staking smart contract and still be able to fund your node for cover traffic rewards and the like? Would it be possible to have the node use a pointer to said smart contract entry to determine amount of funds locked, etc. for node functionality? Could that be a safer approach to funding a node, would this be possible, and would DAO, HOPR Team, and long-term community members all appreciate and benefit from this additional option? If this has merit, I could submit it as a proposal if need be but figured I would start with general feedback.

This is a good suggestion, but I would like to go down the deflationary route, while developing the ecology so that HOPR has more places to use


Absolutely agree with deflation. Convincing community members of that may be pretty easy too. First, I would like to see the more active community members who are dedicated in building HOPR infrastructure (and have a vested interest in it’s success) get the highest rewards as they are the backbone of this project.