Getting Started

Hi everyone!

Welcome to the first of the monthly HOPR DAO experiments.

This top category will be reserved for rules and other announcements from the HOPR Association. To jump into the discussion, head to the Discussion subcategory by either clicking this link or selecting it from the drop down menu here:

Only activity within the Discussion and Proposals subcategories will be eligible for the incentive rewards.

How do the incentives work?

There are 50,000 HOPR tokens available as incentives. The goal is to reward high-quality discussion. Most parts of the process (e.g., making posts, replying to posts, making proposals, supporting proposals) have rewards associated with them in some way. Spamming is not an effective way to get rewards though (in fact you’ll be banned.)

To keep people focused on the topic at hand, the exact allocation method will be revealed after the experiment ends. However, I can reveal that the system is at least partially based on the forum’s like function, which is used to like posts and also to “sign” proposals. So be liberal with likes (but don’t spam - implausible liking behaviour will be ignored).

The like function can be found under each post in the form of a heart.